The Circle Way

“As we lean into this ancient lineage, our work in circle is to create the world we want within the world we have. Circle and its components are the seeds. Circle is the pattern. We have changed the chairs. Now we change the world.” — Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, The Circle Way

As an established practitioner, teacher and mentor of The Circle Way I’ve served on its board for several years, supporting its evolution from founder-led to a global community held movement.  Now more than ever, as I practice The Circle Way professionally and personally, I know it holds the promise for us to gather bravely, respectfully, with strong backs and open hearts to listen deeply to self and other, and from this place, change the world.

Working within organizations, the practice is embedding to become the operating system by which critical conversations are convened, relationships are nurtured, and decisions and policies are made. Participatory leadership and personal accountability are strengthened. Innovation flourishes within a culture of kindness and regard.

Personally, holding the principles and components of TCW in my heart helps me lean into conversations with family and friends as we celebrate life’s joys, and navigate its challenges.

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