Painting From Within: A genus of originality…yours

“I enter with delight into pure process.I give up progress, product, and goals.” — Michele Cassou

Several times a year I host intuitive process painting workshops based on Michele Cassou’s visionary Point Zero Method of self discovery where…

NO painting technique is taught.
NO critique or comments are made on your work.
NO mistakes ever happen!

What is Process Painting?

Process painting is not about art making. As a rather Zen-like, inquiry- based process, inexpensive paper and liquid tempera paints become the ways in to and through our self-limiting habits of minds to pure creative gesture and expression.

We paint and put it away – with no technique, critique, interpretation or meaning making. “It’s just a stupid piece of paper” and where “we cannot make a mistake” become our mantras for diving deeper into our innate creative wellsprings.

Why Process Paint?

While not expressive therapy, its benefits may be therapeutic as one is invited to question their blocks, challenge the “demons” of interpretation, technique and product, to discover a light, playful, energetic way of painting and being.

How do these “lessons” transfer beyond the paper to all aspects of our lives? We grow in confidence to take risks, to silence the inner critic, to play, to make messes and see them through to beauty and never seen before newness, never giving up on ourselves. Repeatedly I’ve experienced and witnessed how process painting creates the conditions for creative breakthroughs and innovation.

How I Help

P1050004My role, as host and guide, is to monitor the energy of each painter and the group, and then to use questions to help each painter identify and move through those normal self-limiting beliefs that inevitably come up as we stand in front of a blank piece of paper, with myriad of choice and colour, and are invited to spontaneously paint that first stroke, and then discover what it means to be guided from within to the next, and the next, and the next. I also guide painters through the “finishing” phase, a critical point in surrendering to the creative process when we “think” we “know” when our painting is completed, only to discover even more waiting to come forth.

How You Prepare

Reading Michele Cassou’s book, Life, Paint and Passion before the session is recommended and will help you ease into an intuitive space.  The book is available on her website – – online, and in some public libraries and local bookstores.

I provide paper and paints and you bring brushes, good quality natural hair or soft synthetic, suitable for liquid tempera, round with a “drop-like” tip.  You’ll need a minimum of three sizes, e.g. #6, #8, #10, and a smaller brush for finer work is often useful.  Purchase from  Colours, Michaels, The Paint Spot, or Delta Art.

You wear casual, comfortable clothes, in layers, and comfortable shoes, that you won’t worry about should you spatter paint. You will be standing to paint. Bring an apron or old shirt to protect your clothing.

“To fully realize that there were no limitations or mistakes was absolutely freeing. I felt my inner child burst forth with tremendous enthusiasm.  What a fun way to spend a day!”– Sunday Session Painter

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