About Me

My intention is to be:

“…an unshakably wise presence that harnesses the good, true and beautiful for the greater good of all concerned” — Angeles Arrien, The Second Half of Life

And as broad stroke impressions go, I am still:

  • A student-seeker
  • A mentor-champion
  • A process artist-conversation host
  • An edge walker-bridge builder
  • A solitary soul-community impresario

and a wicked cook who specializes in creating one-off “silk purses” from leftovers.

“Throughout our lives, transitions require that we ask for help and allow ourselves to yield to forces stronger than our wills or our egos’ desires. As transitions take place during our later years, a fundamental and primal shift from ambition to meaning occurs.” — Angeles Arrien, The Second Half of Life

Now, as I enter more fully the eldering years, and have experienced life-changing illness, I am delving more intentionally into my own creative wellspring. By making time for writing and inviting the world’s wild and cultured spaces to open my heart and mind, I form new impressions to inform my way of being with self and others.

My life’s work continues to support people by helping them attend to their inner lives to live and lead with kindness, with clarity, with wisdom. I remain committed to:

  • Championing for your courage, your compassion, your ingenuity…inviting you to be and bring your best for the world.
  • Companioning leaders in their often lonely, always noble work.
  • Designing and hosting brave and beautiful conversation spaces for you to gather with others to remember your “deep gladness,” and co-create responses to meet the world’s “deep need.”
  • Practicing and teaching the artistry of circle, serving as guardian, deftly weaving together our gifts and talents to create and hold the space for collective wisdom to emerge, for creativity to be embraced, for wise and compassionate action to ensue.

Now my attention is drawn towards ways to find meaning and make sense of our lives and the world in which we live by:

Knowing deeply from within and beyond, to grow our ease with anxious uncertainty, provocative perspectives, and evocative questions.

Embodying practices, mediation, and movement, where self awareness, stillness and silence are valued as core capacities for living and leading in chaos and uprootedness.

Understanding attachment theory, post traumatic stress and unprocessed grief as root causes for our personal and societal woundedness, our global pain and terror.

Trusting Beauty as its antidote.

Appreciating Wabi Sabi, the beauty in imperfection.

Shadow dancing in the depths, inviting with kindness those unexpected and uninvited guests of my guest house, to liberate the essential self.

Aging with grace, resiliency and kindness.

Cooking and enjoying fine food with family and friends, at home and around the world. Still true!