About Me

As broad stroke impressions go, I am a:

  • student-seeker
  • mentor-champion
  • process artist-conversation host
  • edge walker-bridge builder
  • solitary soul-community impresario

and a wicked cook who specializes in creating one-off “silk purses” from leftovers.

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener.” — William O’Brien, cited by Otto Scharmer

My life’s work is supporting leaders by helping them attend to their inner lives so they live and lead with courage, clarity, compassion and creativity. (For me, leaders are people who do what they can, and then some, about what matters deeply to them.) I do this by:

  • Championing for your courage, your compassion, your ingenuity…helping you be and bring your best for the world.
  • Designing and hosting safe, respectful and beautiful conversation spaces for you to gather with others to remember your “deep gladness,” and co-create responses to meet the world’s “deep need.”
  • Practicing and teaching the artistry of circle, serving as guardian, deftly weaving gifts and talents to create and hold the space for collective wisdom to emerge, for creativity to be embraced, for wise and compassionate action to ensue.
  • Teaching the art of facilitation, the power of questions, the making of community, the encore life, online, in your time and place.
  • Welcoming you to dive deep into your creative wellspring, to paint with passion as you challenge limiting habits of mind.
  • Co-founding several local communities of practice in which to explore and prototype new leadership and collaborative behaviours and mindsets.

As an alumnus of the Shambhala ALIA Institute in Halifax, internationally certified professional facilitator, The Circle Way trained teacher-practitioner, Art of Hosting process artist, and advanced cognitive coach, I’ve studied with some of the world’s most accomplished, creative and innovative thought leaders in the leadership development, coaching, and group facilitation fields.Together with my graduate degree in clinical social work, training as a psychotherapist, personal analytic process work, and yoga and intuitive painting practices, I bring a vibrant, graceful and grounding presence to my work, and to Panache Consulting, “inspiring transformation… one conversation at a time…one brush stroke at a time.”

downloadAnd Now….

I’m curious about how we access knowing from within, and beyond so that we can learn and lead from the emerging future, with grace, resiliency and kindness.

I’m inspired by my studies of Theory U, Presencing, embodiment practices, mediation and movement, where self awareness, stillness and silence are recognized as core capacities for living and leading in emergence.

I’m questioning the possibility to which apparently increasing systemic complexity and change fatigue might be an intellectualization for “shadowed” grief in response to decades of organizational mergers, downsizings, restructurings and reinventions.  And I’m wondering about the extent to which our systems are in the throes of post traumatic stress.

I’m re-remembering the relevancy and value of attachment theory to understanding our current societal woundedness.

I’m exploring how process, intentionally designed with spaces of beauty and times for creative expression, can illuminate shadow and unleash resilience…how beauty just might be the antidote to today’s global pain and terror.

I’m retracing steps taken early in my life where spontaneous dance and competitive sailing taught me about complexity and emergence; and in my first career as a therapist, where systems constellation work revealed hidden wisdom from the field for healing.

I’m committed to being one of those who pioneer the principles and personal practices that help us shift our ways of thinking, feeling, doing and being into an evolutionary global community.

And oh, yes, I’m still cooking and eating fine food with family and friends, at home and around the world.