Newfoundland Vignette 3 – Kayaking Off Norris Point

What a perfect way to celebrate this perfect day, kayaking in Bonne Bay!

The Summer Solstice sun shone in full glory as we crossed to Norris Point in the local water taxi. (Later, we saw a “sun dog” – an iridescent halo of light surrounding the sun – something I’ve only ever seen on one of Alberta’s brilliantly frigid winter days.) How this daughter of the water feels at home skimming the fluid surface, smelling the fresh scents of water, feeling the cool wind on her face.

We’d been told that whales – humpbacks and minkes – had been sighted breaching in the bay near where we’d paddle.  For several of the women, to see a whale on this trip would be a dream come true.  The bay was calm, the day’s heat rising as we packed picnic food and supplies into the bows, got outfitted in life jackets and rubber skirts, settled into our seats and pushed off shore, paddles in hand, cameras ready to catch a sighting.  No sooner had we settled into a fairly synchronized rhythm when a blow, once, twice spotted.  And then….


Norris Point, Gros Morne

Our Summer Solstice Prayer

June 22, 2015

Intention held in the hearts and minds of twelve women

wild to witness the whale,

grand dame of our species.

A blow…once, twice

seen along the rock and tree faced cliff.

Colour full kayaks skim the surface,

Carry us Home.

Our hands drum the chant of welcome,

Invoking her wisdom, calling her in.

A tail sighted…once, twice

breaking though the glassy sea.

A sudden breach.

Our collective Heart leaps with the closeness of her show.

A prayer received and delivered.

2 thoughts on “Newfoundland Vignette 3 – Kayaking Off Norris Point

  1. Hi Katharine,€“ I love reading your tales, poetry and seeing your pictures of Newfoundland. I know the thrill of seeing a whale rising before my kayak here on the west coast, you said it so well. What a wonderful woman you are! Hugs Laurie

    Laurie Hutchinson (formerly Peck)

    Ph: 250-729-9155 // toll free: 1-866-621-7008



    • Yes, as I was paddling, I thought of you and your many sea treks, Laurie. I could appreciate how you enjoy this activity as now I’m wondering how to do more of this. Thanks for taking a moment to read and reply.


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